PHP is still widely used by WordPress developers; Quantum computers may soon be able to break encryption.
How to save a lot of money on digital subscription; Be cautious of get-rich-quick schemes that seem too good to be true.
The Google search result pages are flooded with SEO spam; a visually-rich explanation of how sailing battleships were designed.
Not everything labeled as "AI" is really AI; Tesla's electric motors now have new competition from BMW.
Preparing buildings for unpredictable disasters; iPhone thieves may watch as you enter your iPhone passcode before stealing it.
I explored various alternatives to Google Analytics and delved into Stephen Wolfram's explanation of how ChatGPT works.
My second attempt enabled me to gain a better understanding of what to include in this weekly log.
This is the first edition of its kind that just came to my mind, and I have begun writing it. Please do not search for previous month's editions, as…
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